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Michael New LogoMichael Brewbaker is the Team Leader at New Homeowner Center at Summit Mortgage. Michael is a home purchase expert and an experienced homeowner. He understands your concerns and knows your time is valuable. It is important to get started right. Talk to Michael today. He is ready to help you with every step. Michael Brewbaker and his team will be your trusted advisers.

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Credit, Income, Employment, and Assets are needed for Pre-approval and Loan Process. Being prepared at time of Pre-Application is wise to ensure you are pre-approved without any delays. Get a head start now. Here are the documents you will need for your pre-approval and Loan Approval. Let Michael Brewbaker help you get started.

Pre-Application/Pre-Approval 101 – A Pre-Application needs to be completed to obtain a Pre-Approval. A Pre-Application includes a credit profile, employment verification, and review of income and asset documentation. Pending everything is satisfactory, a Pre-Approval will be supplied to you and your realtor. You then will be able to actively make offers on homes in your approved price range. Pre-Approval Letters are property specific and need to be revised and re-issued for every property you consider buying.

Good realtors make a point to check on the strength and the depth of a Pre-Approval before presenting an offer to the sellers they represent. Your full Application doesn’t take place until you have an executed contract to buy a home. A Pre-Approval is needed and its starts with your Pre-Application. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask Michael Brewbaker.

Documents needed
  1. Copies of pay stubs for each applicant (30 days)
  2. W-2s for two years
  3. Two years of tax returns
  4. Bank statements for two months
  5. If self-employed, year-to-date profit and loss statement
  6. Proof of pension income, if applicable
  7. Social Security Award Letters, Disability Statements, Pension Statements (if applicable)

Here’s a Tip: Have a few test or sample properties picked. Use any home search site. This will help you visualize the real loan terms on a real property. Michael will help you fine tune your purchase price range.


5 stars

“I was provided with the best guidance that anyone could have ever received from Summit Mortgage. From day 1 of the process, I was properly informed with everything I need to know to get my loan process going. Even through I faced some personal hurdles along the way, Summit Mortgage made sure that I was guided into the right direction and had made this a very comfortable process for me to experience. I was informed, updated, and never pressured. After all said and done, the best feeling is the working relationship between myself as the loan requester and the loan officer, I can personally say that this is how all services should be provided, with respect and care. “

Kung – 8/2017

5 stars

“Michael at summit mortgage was unbelievably helpful along with other people on his team! I can’t thank him enough for helping my family move into an amazing home! Thanks again Michael!”

Kindra – 7/2017

5 stars

“Working with Michael Brewbaker and his team at Summit Mortgage made my home loan process painless. The level of service I received was significantly better than my previous home buying experience with a different mortgage company. I highly recommend them!”

Harlan – 7/2017

5 stars

“When I was searching for a mortgage company I spoke to a number of different loan officers, and most of them gave me an uncomfortable “used car salesman” vibe. After our first email exchange, I knew that I wanted to work with Michael and Summit Mortgage. He answered all of my questions directly, was very transparent throughout the entire process, and was available during all hours. Most importantly, I knew that I could trust him completely. This was my first time buying a house so I was unfamiliar with many of the details. Even so, I was always confident that everything he did was in my best interest. I have heard so many horror stories about how stressful buying a house can be, but that was not my experience at all. I was able to focus on finding the perfect house for me and my family, and leave all the rest up to Michael. Thank you!!”

Andrew – 6/2017

5 stars

 “Probably one of the best mortgage guys that I found when I bought my house. Very friendly to talk to and explains any questions you have that you do not understand. Ran multiple numbers for me when I was looking at any house and if he did not answer right away he would get back to you as soon as possible even if it was late at night he would try his best. Till this day I still contact him about any questions on the house and still is the most friendliest guy to talk to just like the first day I talked with him. Was very quick moving on all the paper that I needed to get into my current house. I would highly recommend Michael Brewbaker in any purchase for a house! Thanks for all the help getting my wife and I into my current house!”

Aaron – 6/2017

The New Homeowner Center at Summit Mortgage wants to offer a level of service above your expectations. We know that communication is the most important thing about your home buying process. We make ourselves available on your time. Call us today, or whenever. Let us know how we can help. We want your feedback.

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