Fall = Buyer’s opportunity

Family in Front of Sold Real Estate Sign and HouseDon’t get discouraged because you haven’t found a home yet or you just might be ready to buy now. You haven’t missed the buying season. Truthfully in MN we do have a year round buying season. Naturally buyers leave the market in the winter and sellers wait for spring to list. The opportunity lies in the homes that are listed during the winter months. You as a buyer are fewer in numbers. Homes sit on the market longer. More cases than not all offers are entertained and anything is negotiable. There is more pressure on the seller to sell than the buyer to buy.

If you haven’t had a chance to get organized and see what it takes to buy a home, do it today. There are several first time home buyer programs out there. MN alone has multiple down payment assistance programs and tax credit programs. If there are credit issues, there is help available. We can facilitate whatever is needed to get you into a home. More people than you expect are ready to buy a home now and did not even know it. The fall months bring opportunity.

Let’s take advantage of it!