Interest Rates? What’s Next?

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What will happen with Interest Rates? How does the result of the presidential election effect the rates now? There shouldn’t be an impact this fast? There in fact is instant change. Mortgage Rates are set by investors based on Bond Markets and Securities. The changes in rates are often anticipatory to economic changes predicted. Right… [Read More]

No matter what happens expect change

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No Matter What Vote! No matter what happens, I expect a change. I don’t know if that will be good or bad. I wish I could tell you what to expect with a Trump or Hillary marketplace. Which is better for our economy, interest rates, and home values…and everything else. What ever views or positions you have, express… [Read More]

Fall has been extended…for now.


An extra few days, maybe weeks of fall is much welcomed by home buyers and homeowners. Myself, procrastinating to get the leaves bagged up was not punished. In fact it was rewarded with a little extra time to clean the yard up this year. This is also an a bonus for the late season house… [Read More]

Fall = Buyer’s opportunity

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Don’t get discouraged because you haven’t found a home yet or you just might be ready to buy now. You haven’t missed the buying season. Truthfully in MN we do have a year round buying season. Naturally buyers leave the market in the winter and sellers wait for spring to list. The opportunity lies in… [Read More]

Must read about Inspections

The Home Inspection Process for Home Buyers & Home Sellers Buying a home can be a daunting process for anyone, especially those that have not gone through the process before. The good news is that with a little education and working with the right team of professionals, the experience can be just as exciting and… [Read More]

Video Doorbells – Smart Idea

Not your Momma’s Doorbell These days, most of us are pretty guarded about our privacy and safety, so answering the door takes some thought. Few of us nonchalantly throw open our doors to strangers, without peeking through a peephole or a window. Oftentimes, we don’t answer it at all. But, by taking advantage of audio… [Read More]

Happy Halloween

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 Happy Halloween from New Homeowner Center at Summit Mortgage  


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